More About Us

We are ordinary people living a dream that we have both have had for most of our lives. I am semi-retired and work part time for a medical lab Co doing IT support. I’m also a partner in a web hosting company called I’m basically a home body until its time get on the road.

Barbara is a self-motivated woman during the months at our home in Fl she runs a kayak and paddle board rental business that her and I own. She also is an artist making

beautiful 3D Sea life resin wall hangings. Apart we seem to be at opposites end of the spectrum however together we are a team that is a force to be reckoned with.

We both love to travel and see new places. We aren’t experts on anything we don’t have any experience in any of this. However, this is our dream and we will do what it takes to get out there and just do it. So, we travel with no

real plans and no real destinations. We know what we would like to see, and we just point the truck in that direction…