Black Bart’s RV Park

Black Bart’s RV Park is located Flagstaff, AZ along side of Interstate 40. The park has over 175 spaces available for Daily & Monthly Rates. They also have Tent Spaces available for up to 3 nights.

We arrived at the park around 5:30 Pm. It seemed to be a little busier than most parks at this time however we checked in and was settled into our spot quit quickly. The roads where plenty wide for easy turning and getting into our space. The spots are back to back so we where not able to open our deck in the rear. The hookups where positioned for easy access and had no problem getting them set up. There was NO Tv set up or WIFI of any kind.

The staff was very nice and gave us directions a few times to find things in the area. There are showers, bathrooms and laundry facilities next to the office. The park was clean and had a steak house restaurant on the property. We where not so thrilled with the theme of the restaurant as it was very loud and had a hard time having a conversation. The food was good, and the entertainment was quite interesting. Good wholesome fun. The View was amazing looking to the north looking up at Elden Mountain. This park has a lot of traffic in the evenings as they seem to bus in people to the restaurant. I was quite most of the day until the RVs started lining up to check in every day starting around 5 and could last until 8 or 9pm. The park is located in a good spot to see all the attractions in the area. The temp there was a nice dry 78 to 82 F “no need to run the AC”. We spent 2 weeks seeing the sites and doing some maintenance on our cyclone. I think the price was around 45 per night. For 50 amp service. We would definitely recommend this to anyone traveling to or through flagstaff AZ.

Black Bart's RV Park Office and General Store.

Black Bart’s RV Park

2760 E Butler Ave,

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Phone: (928) 774-1912