Leisure Lakes RV Park

Our First Rv Park After Going On The Road 



Not Prepared For This Park

Well it was out first day out on the road. All was going great. We had stayed in St Pete over night because I had to tidy up some things at the office before we could leave out for 2 months. The pulled out of St. Pete around 9 o’clock in the morning and drove all the way to Pensacola where we were supposed to meet our friends. When we started getting close. We called to see where they were and if there was a spot open near them. It turned out they were in Destin Florida on the beach and we were not about to pay $180 a night just so that we could be near our friends. Plus we had already passed them. So Barbara jumped on the phone and started looking for RV parks and she came across leisure lakes RV Park. The gentlemen on the phone said he had one spot left and he wasn’t sure if our rig would fit but it was a 50 amp plug it had been empty for a wile. Barbara said we’d take it.

Once we got there took a look around we were able to finagle our 45 foot cyclone into a 35 foot hole. The spot was on a steep incline so the rear was almost touching the ground and the front was jacked way up high just to get somewhat level. It was impossible to get a level without blocks. We plug in the power opened the slides and was going to try and get settled. However we had no power.

Barb and Junior blue angels planes

Traveling nutz at leisure Lake RV Park

Barbara was able to get in touch with the owner as it was already dark and everyone had went home. Him and another guy came out right away and determined that the breaker on the pedestals bad. Once they got the breaker changed it was smooth sailing well except for the leveling which we rectified the next day by going to camping world and purchasing blocks and pads to put under the leveling jacks when needed when parking in an unlevel space.

Yes it was one more thing that I was not prepared for.

The park itself was very nice. The pricing was perfect. To me it seemed as though they were more long-term RV’s there than one or two days at a time. There was a game room and bathroom facilities, on the property. There is also a little playground area for younger children that is fenced in. Barbara and I walked around the park and out to the back where we followed geese and got a good view of the lake. It was very quiet. We would definitely stay there again however with more notice so that we could be in a spot that would accommodate our full 45 feet. The button below for contact information to leisure Lakes RV Park in Pensacola Florida