Brown’s Town Campgrounds

Brownstown campgrounds. All I can say about this place is that thank God they were there. They really saved our butts. We had just come through death Valley and were totally wiped out. We had been driving north on 395 calling places to get a spot for the night. We all had seem to forgot that the Fourth of July happen to be that coming weekend. And no one had any open spots.


When we first arrived the guy behind the counter stated he didn’t have any 50 amp spots and only can accommodate 30 footers he said we could go look at a couple spots if we thought we could make them fit he would rent them to us for one night because they were booked up for the weekend of 4 July. We went down and looked and were able to find two spots that we could fit both Paul’s and our campers in

The park itself was very nice clean and had quite a bit of room for each site it had a variety of camping tents all the way to the big rigs. Brownstown campgrounds is located in Bishop California.

I would say this was probably one of my favorite campgrounds and wished we could have stayed longer for some much-needed downtime. It had really cool buildings in the front and the people there seem to be really nice.

The campground is right alongside a golf course and as we were parked with the golf course to our back looking out over the golf course you could see the Sierra Mountains and it was a magnificent view. Will definitely be returning there someday soon.

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Brown's Town Campgrounds